domingo, 15 de mayo de 2016

CIC Circus!!!!!

Hi to everyone!!! This year we are going to celebrate our English week through an amazing topic: The CIC Circus!!!!!!!!! It will be a different circus because we are going to be part of the circus!! And the most important thing...a circus without animals.....

Let´s start the week!!!!! Are you ready for the English week????

We are going to do lots of actitivities but remenber: We are goint to have a book fair where you can buy English books!!! Come!!!!

If you want, you can take a look:

Games and activities in relation to Circus

Click on the picture:

Circus Videos

The butterfly circus

Ben And Bella at the Circus (Stories)


Songs at the circus

Art and crafts activities:

What do you want to eat? 3rd Primary

What do you want to eat?

I want to eat...........

Does She want to eat potatoes???
Yes she does

Does He want to eat eggs?
No He doesn´t

We learn by asking questions!!