martes, 31 de enero de 2017

CAN primary 3

Grammar Rule
I can swim.
They can speak English.
She can ride a bike.


You need to add the infinitive after 'can'.
I can swim.
You can run fast.
She can ride a bike.
We can speak English.
They can play the guitar.

Be careful!

For negatives you can add ‘n't’ or 'not'.
I can’t drive a car.
I cannot drive.
Can they speak French? No, they can’t.
Can they speak French? No, they cannot.

We say... We don’t say...

Can you swim? Yes I can. (NOT You can swim? Yes, I swim.)
Can she ride a bike? Yes she can. (NOT She can ride a bike? Yes, she ride.)


Games to practice (Click on the pictures to play)

domingo, 29 de enero de 2017

I Like my busy days (ETWINNING PROJECT)


Somos los alumnos de 4º de primaria del colegio Inmaculada Concepción. Un día nuestra profesora nos contó que íbamos a hacer un proyecto con otros niños de otros países de Europa. Nos pusimos muy contentos y rápidamente nos pusimos manos a la obra. Consistía en escribir un pequeño diario de lo que solemos hacer todos los días para así subirlo a la plataforma Etwinning junto con los proyectos de los demás colegios de Europa. El objetivo es ver y conocer sus horarios, sus costumbres y que luego practiquemos con las terceras personas en inglés. Nosotros ya hemos puesto nuestra frase en tercera persona y ahora nos toca ver sus proyectos y hacer lo mismo pero con ellos!!!!! Nos hemos dado cuenta de la diferencia tan grande de horarios y rutinas que todos tenemos. Os dejamos las descripciones de los coles que nos mandaron y han participado y alguna cosa de ellos!!

Son tres colegios con los que hemos participado:

Puistolanraitin ala-asteen koulu Primary school

Our school is the 4th biggest primary school in Helsinki, Finland. It is situated in a nice and rather quiet, northeastern part of the capital city. Actually, the word puisto means park in English.

The school consists of grades 1-6 (age 6-13). The number of pupils is around 570. In Puistolanraitti Primary we believe that everybody should have a safe, positive and supportive environment to learn and grow.

This is our school logo. It is the winner of a logo design contest for our students.

This is Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium in Taucha, Germany. We’ve got about 800 pupils and 70 teachers. Taucha itself is a small town with about 15,000 inhabitants in the centre of Germany. Our school emblem is a white rose that stands for the WWII resistance group "White Rose" whose members Hans and Sophie Scholl gave their name to our school.

Marsneni Primary school

Our school is located in a small village Marsneni 120 km north - east from the capital city Riga. The village is a rural area with a beautiful nature and 700 inhabitants.

Students from the nearest area around attend the school. We have only 60 students altogether with kindergarten.

The primary school consists of grades 1 - 9, we have also some students with special needs.

We are proud that we got the name of ECO School! 

y Aquí algunos proyectos tanto nuestros como de ellos:

lunes, 23 de enero de 2017

My favourite breakfast!!!!!!!!!!!


Primary 3 and 4: 

We are doing a collaborative project with others schools from Europe throug Etwinning programme. Our project is called My favourite breakfast. It is about the most important meal for us!!!!!. It gives us the important energy after a "pause“ at night.

In the project you will present your favourite breakfast, get know about the breakfast habbits in different countries. You will see the traditional breakfast ( if the countries have one) and also what a healthy breakfast should include.

I give you an example of our partners from Romania:

And their blog too Romania´s blog

This is another Presentation from Ruslanas Hamanska:

And this is our presentation!!!!!

Hecho con Padlet