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Present continuous


Some games to practice present continuous

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Unit 0. Our Avatars primary 5

Let´s share our avatars here.

Firstly, click on this link and create your own avatar (choose an image and your accessories) but Don´t use avatars with the stars (That is premium)

You can look at the avatars from your pupil´s book on page 5 (exercise 2)

You avatar has to speak about:

 1-My name is....
 2- I am.........years old
 3- My birthday is on........
 4- I have got...... brothers/sisters
 5- I like.......

Secondly, Save your avatar by following the next steps:

1-Click on the save image

2-Name your avatar and save it

3-Copy the URL and paste it on our blog. 

Thirdly, click on the Padlet wall

1- Write your name.
2-. Copy the URL link here

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English Week 2018 "We love The Earth" + Proyecto sostenibilidad

Este año la semana del inglés ha ido acompañada por un gran proyecto de sostenibilidad para el cuidado y concienciación del medio ambiente, finalizando con la creación de un mural colaborativo por toda la etapa de primaria en el recreo del colegio cofinanciado por el programa Erasmusplus. Todas las asignaturas de primaria se han implicado para trabajar transversalmente con el proyecto (encuestas, análisis de datos, máquinas con material reciclado, canciones, unidad didáctica de reciclaje en E.física....). Os dejamos un pequeño vídeo resumen de todo lo vivido en el proyecto.

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We love The Earth. ENGLISH WEEK 2018

1-Do we love The Earth? Watch these videos and think about....

Great Pacific Garbage Patch





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Vocabulary (Skills) Primary 2


Module 1: Working together

Press here       Unit 1

Unit 2

Module 2 Finding out information

Press here  Unit 2

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Recycling activities in Physical Education.

We are going to do some recyling activities in Physical Education.  We have to create our own equipment.

Look at these videos! 

How to make juggling balls

 how to make  can stilts 

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Past simple (Primary 5)

1. Look at these two videos.
- The first one is an explanation about the PAST SIMPLE tense, with examples.
- The second one is a simple song with verbs in past.

2. Do the exercises below.

Exercise 1 

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

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Our avatars

Let´s share our avatars here.

Firstly, click on this link and create your own avatar by clicking on "create a voki"

You avatar has to speak about:
 1-A presentation (Hello, my name is....)
 2- I like........ I don´t like.....
 3- I am (a job)
 4. I work in.... (a place).

Secondly, click on the Padlet wall

1- Write your name.
2- Say what is your avatar (a dog, a monster, a boy....)
3. Copy the URL link
3- Upload an image if you want.

Look at my example.

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Jobs. Primary 4.

Click on the Padlet wall

1- Write your name.
2- Write a text about your mother/ father´s job. Where does she/he work? Does she/he wear uniform?
3- Upload an image of that job.

Look at my example.

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Past simple: TO BE (Primary 5)

WASN´T/ WEREN´T for negative sentences.

1. Click on the Padlet wall
2. Write your name
3. Write about where you were last weekend.
4. You can add a picture if you want.

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VOCABULARY (Primary 5)


The vocabulary of this first unit is to describe a person´s appearance

Press here to play and learn it    👉👉👉    Unit 1       


In this unit, you will learn expressions about things that you do every day (diary routines).

           Press here and....enjoy    👉👉👉    Unit 2 


The vocabulary is about things you buy when you go shopping.

               Practise here      👉👉👉         Unit 3   


This unit is about places in a town or city.

                  Have a look        👉👉👉      Unit 4


This unit is about different jobs.

                  Press here         👉👉👉       Unit 5


In this unit, we are learning about outdoor activities.

                  Let´s learn more        👉👉👉       Unit 6

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Peace day 2018

My favourite place (Primary 4)

What is your favourite place?
 Where is it?
What are there?

1-Click on the Padlet wall
2-Write your name
3-Upload an image of your favourite place.
4-Write a text about it.
            There are....there is....There isn´t any....

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Drawing & Coloring for Kids

1-How To Draw A Sheep.

2- How To Draw A Fox. 

3-How To Draw a Whale

4-How to Draw A T-Rex. Dinosaur

5-How To Draw A Stegosaurus

6-How To Draw A Triceratops.

7-Draw And Color A Pig

Routine Songs for Primary 2

Rock, paper, scissors (Primary 2)

Doctor, doctor

Four great toys in a toy shop

I'm a little snowman

Two little dicky birds

In a dark, dark house

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My favourite superhero Primary 3

Who is your favourite superhero? Is he a man? Is she a woman?
What can he/she do? Where does she/ he live?
  1. Click on the Padlet wall
  2. Write your name
  3. Upload an image of your favourite superhero/superheroine.
  4. Write a text about him/her.
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There is/There are

Here I share this grammar picture for you to revise, and several activities to  work on what is studied in class.
Click on the next pictures to practice more:

-Activity 1-

-Activity 2-

-Activity 3-